Game of Writing

Published: Thu 15 May 2014
By towi

In Misc.

Was ich hier einem Freund über George R. Martin geschrieben habe will ich euch nicht vorenthalten. Ich hoffe es kommt auch unübersetzt rüber.

Actually, I can totally follow that reasoning. Not that I think of it I myself have the most proliferating writing sessions bereft of my internet connection: Either in the train or in a beer garden. That is not bereft of distractions, mind you. I especially love watching people on the seats and benches when I look up.

Oh well, while George uses Wordstar 4.0, I can top that: My emacs is the ultimate non-distractor, I can tell you. I have to admit that an open internet connections is the factor offering too many distractions.

Alas, I can not always choose that fruitful environment. For one, I have to use stackoverflow occasionally (and no offline backup if it is available, yet) and for the other, after three beer it is more efficient to stop writing then to correct the produced sermon later.

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